I'm now posted to a department with 2 other colleagues. It's an easy department (nothing too busy and can punch card tepat-tepat 5pm).love it soo much!!!

However, being in this department with some bossy colleagues and ponteng colleagues, it spoils things up. I dun feel like mentioning the bossy colleague here...juz wana talk bout the ponteng colleague or should be known as EL (emergency leave) colleague.

On mon, she was on MC (cuti sakit), told my boss about it. Tue, she said she EL. Then wed, she duno MC or EL cos she din inform any of us! Apa punya orang. you see,ur tax bayar to ppl like this! Then on wed afternoon, she showed up. Her reason was im off in the afternoon, left back the bossy colleague...kesian she alone there. My bossy colleague tried to korek the reason why she MC and EL for 2days. She said she was ill and planned to take MC whole day of wednesday cause havnt fully recover yet. My colleague tried to korek lagi dalam...finally we knew the reason she EL and MC cos 4 cats at her house sudah mati!!! When i knew this, duno wana be angry, laugh or give what reaction.

4 cats died at the same time is a big thing la...but not as big till need to take MC and EL for 3 consecutive days???
She kept on saying sangat sedih...kucing itu tak bersalah...huh...
I was wondering whether the MC belongs to her or her cats.

Next time i will give the reason my house died 4 siu keong...so i need to take EL.