After my genting trip with hometown frens, i headed down to KL. Went to mid valley right away with boon sing, desperate to catch a movie, after all those laoyah movies at ipoh cinemas. thought wana watch 'Knowing' since everyone commented on how good this movie is. but too bad, only the first 2 rows are available (so laoyah punya movie still got ppl wana watch...haih).at ipoh, the movie ady turun layar when i wana watch it. Finally, we resort to watch 'Confessions of a shopaholic'.

This is such a girlie movie, my bf was sort of kena forced to watch it with me. i thought the whole hall will be filled with gals, or perhaps, bfs forced to watch it with their gfs.

However, just behind me, there were 2 guys (ma lat lou). Just 2 of aunties. After the movie ended, boon sing heard them saying, luckily we dun have that much credit cards...cos u see, in this movie, the leading actress owns 12 credit cards.

So, wei chong dun go watch this movie alone with soon tak or gay gay k...
Later u oso kena ketawa....
Just buy pirated dvd and watch at home
Finally, this weekend i found something worth sharing.

Last sun, i did my night shift, 10pm to's damn tiring. But i was lucky that i din't recieve any calls from the wards, indenting drugs...or not u will find me running back to take medications from a place which is just opposite the mortuary (A&E)...scary...scary...Hope that i will always be that lucky ohh...
My coursemate asked me to bring pork to hosp...walau, he thought all the XXX are malays??
I'm doing this night call with another colleague, who is much more senior that me. She's good....i even slept more than her when i should be the one doing most of the stuffs. So one point, i slept till my saliva meleleh and my neck got sprained.
The next morning, i still manage to drive back to Kampar.Geng leh.When i reached home, first thing is i rushed to my bed to get some sleep.

Went to work as usual. After work, we have a small farewell for my colleague who has just finished her prp (training) and she will be reposted again. We went to Kenny Rogers for a simple dinner and then movie.
We are the one planning this farewell for our colleague, by right, we should pay for her meal and movie rite. But it's so so weird...everyone is rushing to pay for their share after the bill was out. The same goes to the movie tickets. So, does this means that the person we are celebrating for need to pay for herself? Everyone seems to mempergunakan this gal to have gathering but forgotten the true purpose of it.Somemore, tue is ladies days...the one who bought the ticket said guys RM10, gals RM6...
Seong, neoh, gaylo, koulo...u guys should be thankful that v din treat u that way.

People are just different...the more people u met, the more u felt ur childhood frens are the most normal ones...

Hello guys, finally I’m here!

Huh, it’s not easy setting up this blog….having trouble to configure it and setting things up. Guess it’s because I seldom surf the net nowadays…or it’s because of old age? That I’m not able to catch up with the technologies?

Actually, I don’t really know what I should write up here. Everyday of my life is sooo normal and non-exciting that I felt I wana break out of this rigid, grey lifestyle. I’m really longing for my house-pharmacist training to end…so that I can go for vacation to regain my lost colourful life.