Finally, this weekend i found something worth sharing.

Last sun, i did my night shift, 10pm to's damn tiring. But i was lucky that i din't recieve any calls from the wards, indenting drugs...or not u will find me running back to take medications from a place which is just opposite the mortuary (A&E)...scary...scary...Hope that i will always be that lucky ohh...
My coursemate asked me to bring pork to hosp...walau, he thought all the XXX are malays??
I'm doing this night call with another colleague, who is much more senior that me. She's good....i even slept more than her when i should be the one doing most of the stuffs. So one point, i slept till my saliva meleleh and my neck got sprained.
The next morning, i still manage to drive back to Kampar.Geng leh.When i reached home, first thing is i rushed to my bed to get some sleep.

Went to work as usual. After work, we have a small farewell for my colleague who has just finished her prp (training) and she will be reposted again. We went to Kenny Rogers for a simple dinner and then movie.
We are the one planning this farewell for our colleague, by right, we should pay for her meal and movie rite. But it's so so weird...everyone is rushing to pay for their share after the bill was out. The same goes to the movie tickets. So, does this means that the person we are celebrating for need to pay for herself? Everyone seems to mempergunakan this gal to have gathering but forgotten the true purpose of it.Somemore, tue is ladies days...the one who bought the ticket said guys RM10, gals RM6...
Seong, neoh, gaylo, koulo...u guys should be thankful that v din treat u that way.

People are just different...the more people u met, the more u felt ur childhood frens are the most normal ones...
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  1. Choon Says:

    wen you got give us any farewell?

  2. engchi Says:

    at least when v go watch movies 2gether, v divide it equally la

  3. Kyle Says:

    childhood frens are the most normal because you all grew up from a similiar background and therefore the action and thinking toward this and that will be acceptable.
    Those people you met after are come from another background that they think they are normal and you are not.

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