After my genting trip with hometown frens, i headed down to KL. Went to mid valley right away with boon sing, desperate to catch a movie, after all those laoyah movies at ipoh cinemas. thought wana watch 'Knowing' since everyone commented on how good this movie is. but too bad, only the first 2 rows are available (so laoyah punya movie still got ppl wana watch...haih).at ipoh, the movie ady turun layar when i wana watch it. Finally, we resort to watch 'Confessions of a shopaholic'.

This is such a girlie movie, my bf was sort of kena forced to watch it with me. i thought the whole hall will be filled with gals, or perhaps, bfs forced to watch it with their gfs.

However, just behind me, there were 2 guys (ma lat lou). Just 2 of aunties. After the movie ended, boon sing heard them saying, luckily we dun have that much credit cards...cos u see, in this movie, the leading actress owns 12 credit cards.

So, wei chong dun go watch this movie alone with soon tak or gay gay k...
Later u oso kena ketawa....
Just buy pirated dvd and watch at home
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  1. Khim Hoe Says:

    have to agree with that two ma lat lou... hahaha

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