Hello guys, finally I’m here!

Huh, it’s not easy setting up this blog….having trouble to configure it and setting things up. Guess it’s because I seldom surf the net nowadays…or it’s because of old age? That I’m not able to catch up with the technologies?

Actually, I don’t really know what I should write up here. Everyday of my life is sooo normal and non-exciting that I felt I wana break out of this rigid, grey lifestyle. I’m really longing for my house-pharmacist training to end…so that I can go for vacation to regain my lost colourful life.

5 Responses
  1. haha.. jus write sth..to update ur frens.. since we cant meet each other frequently.. linked ur blog ady..

  2. ~yeeyee~ Says:

    congratz! you changed your template successfully!!

  3. seon Says:

    sudah blog also diam diam ar..

  4. Choon Says:

    welcome to the club

  5. Nobita Says:

    outdated mah cakap loh, dun pretend...

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