Since the news reported death cases related to A(H1N1), lotsa patients swam to government hospitals with the belief that throat swabs will be done, making our workload increased.

My midnight shift was last night and hundreds n hundreds of ppl came to visit the doctor. The workload was doubled to the previous and the medications that we stock up was not enough for the night. Too much patients till medications that suppose to be used up by 3 to 4 days, now 1 days already ilek. Sweat....
I have to run back to the main pharmacy, open the heavy shutters, praying that i don't see anything abnormal. Don't think pharmacist very good, no need to do heavy and dirty work.
I need to push this trolley from the main pharmacy to the
mini pharmacy with all the medications that we need

Last night really sweat night for me. In 10hours, we got 240 prescriptions, each prescriptions might have 4 to 5 items (more or less). Kept on doing the same thing, repeating "Ini ubat batuk, minum 10mL, 3 kali sehari...Ini untuk selsema, 1 biji 3 kali sehari". Soo boring, somemore wearing the N95 mask, I almost wana faint liao. So little oxygen and I can felt my own saliva droplets inside the mask.
At 3am, I really beh tahan liao, told my colleague i wanted to get some sleep. Slept for 1 hour...peaceful nap...then my colleague woke me up. She als0 beh tahan liao. Too tired to continue, tired and hungry. I mai continue for her lor. During this period of time, a group of cheaters came. They came to hospital to cheat for MC!!! Claimed food poisoning but actually wanted MC. Kek sei....i already very tired and lotsa patients waiting, still have to dispense to this group of cheaters. I realised they are cheaters when I was dispensing to one of them.

Me: ada muntah?
Him: tak de. hanya datang untuk dapat MC
Me: speechless

This bunch of damn people really waste ppl gas. After cheat MC, go back homela, still want to come cheat medication pulak.

Really angry that night and tiring. Never been so tired before. This is only the beginning, I still have 2 more shifts to go this month.

Hope the A(H1N1) incidence will reduce ler or not no good times for us.

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  1. Nobita Lam Says:

    next time can i cheated the MC from u oso?haha

  2. engchi Says:

    u have to cheat from neoh. pharmacists no use punya ah...everything need order from doctors

  3. kenwooi Says:

    very tiring job it seems.. i wonder when the virus will stop... hmm..

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